DUI Defense and DMV Hearings

As California attorneys located in Torrance, we know our Client's needs- whether in the area of drunk driving, or DMV hearings, are the same: quality legal representation at a fair price.  

DUI is a serious criminal charge, and we recommend that no one represent themselves in such a matter.

Often, the DUI defendant need never appear in court if represented by an experienced Criminal Attorney; this includes out of State and International drivers.

Should you decide against retaining our services for your drunk driving matter, we still strongly suggest you seek legal counsel experienced in criminal defense for advice.


Every DUI case is unique, and each has its own facts. In order to thoroughly defend each Client, in every case we:

  • Carefully review police reports for errors, omissions and inaccuracies;

  • Examine all "search and seizure" issues- Was the stop of your car lawful? Was the detention lawful? Were you detained too long before arrest? Was there probable cause to arrest you? 

  • Determine if the chemical test was properly administered in compliance with California law;

  • Subpoena the maintenance and calibration records of breath test machines used in your case;

  • Subpoena the officer's training records to ensure he or she has been properly trained in the use of  the breath test machine;

  • Obtain an independent Lab test of any blood sample to be sure the test result provided by the police is accurate, that the sample is properly preserved, and that it has not been contaminated;

  • Fully advise you as to all issues listed above, and determine if a trial or negotiated settlement makes the most sense in your case.

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Under California DUI law, a person is presumed to be under the influence of alcohol for driving a motor vehicle if their blood alcohol test shows a level of .08% or greater. This blood alcohol level for most people is not an indication they were drunk. Whether or not you personally are impaired at this level is not material to proving the charge.